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[Trina is sitting in her tree, thinking about how Ferrari can carry a stick and picturing her carrying a basket the same way.] [Trina is imagining a variety of knitting projects in reasonable detail of size, color and stitch ... squares and socks, dresses and skirts and scarf.] [Trina is lying back on the wide tree branch, her eyes closed in repose. .oO("the horizon waits" ... mmm, that's 5 ... "I try to reach" ... that won't work. "and so I try" ... no, no ... AH!: "the horizon waits/so I race to touch the sky!/it keeps its distance"] [Inside, Corinna looks out the window towards the tree. Corinna, to Alister: "I'm worried about Trina ... she hasn't DONE anything all day."]
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Mon June 19 – I’m Sorry!!

See, I’m in the middle of a move from Oregon to Tennessee. The first strip I missed was the day before the truck showed up for us to load all our stuff. I tried to keep the scanner and pens in an accessible place, but the whole deal has been so time consuming and hectic. It’ll be a few weeks yet before we get into town and find a place to live and that sort of thing, but I’m gonna try to get some strips up sooner.

Fri April 21 – Everybody searching for a meaning in my art

The comic isn’t really what one might call done. But that’s okay because I got to see Thomas Dolby performing live!!!! I’ve dreamed of this day for ten long years and it was totally everything I’d imagined and more (except it was far too short). Highly, highly recommended. I mean, wow. He is one sexy genius. Also Friday’s comic will go up sometime today (yes, Friday) so y’all come back now, y’hear.

Sat February 18 – Now with More Awesome

I updated/expanded the cast page. Match names with faces, learn Stacy’s favorite school subject and how Agatha and Evaline met, and catch a (sneak?) peek at how Trina’s world looks in color.

Wed February 1 – Features

Much to my surprise, I seem to be authoring a web comic of some kind. Not only that, it would appear that I update it three times a week and that it may perhaps have some kind of on-going story line. Frankly, I find this shocking. It would further appear that the lettering is rather legible, that there are recurring characters, and that some (most?) of the strips have … jokes in them. I couldn’t really tell you how any of this happened, but something must be done about it.

So to support my apparent bristol board habit and all-consuming craving for attention, I’ve added some extra “features”. Vote Quimby!

Fri January 20 – Happy birthday me

If you have a burning need to get me a present … fan art would be nice. Yeah.

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