Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

Fri November 11th, 2005
[Trina is lying on her bed, wearing a lei on her head and writing on a clipboard. Sandy sits on the floor in bedspread cape and princess hat. Trina: "I need to show mom and dad that it would be good for me to not be in school."] [Sandy: "Well, what do you do when you're not in school now?" Trina: "Hmmm..."] [Sandy >flash< photographing some socks, hat, purse, and other clothing off screen: "Knitting..." Trina and Ferrari sorting through some papers: "I've written some poetry."] [Ferrari investigates a display of seashells on top of a short bookcase. Sandy takes another >flash< photo. "Shell collection!"] [Sandy holds up a ribbon. "You placed in that race..." Trina digs through a cardboard box, the top contents of which is a sketch of Ferrari. "Lots of drawing."] [Sandy kneels to photograph Ferrari sitting for Trina. "Training Ferrari!"] [Finally, Sandy finishes taking inventory of their collection of materials: "...A list of books you've read, and my photos. I have one shot left. What else do you do not-in-school? ... Trina?" Trina heads off screen with a yawn. "Phew. I'm beat."] [Sandy follows her out and spends her final shot on Trina playing video games. Trina: "HEY!"  ...]
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