Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

Fri February 10th, 2006
[Evaline narrating: "Most of the other students loved Ms. Z's class, but not Betty's." Shown is chibi Betty with the peace sign in a speech bubble, and a small cluster of students chorusing a picture of a pie in a speech bubble.] [Evaline narrating: "At the time, I thought those students sucked." Teen Evaline is shown in obvious dispute with another teen girl.] [Evaline narrating: "But now I see some value in paying attention to Ms. Z." shown is an older Evaline wearing just a bra, and holding up a cute shirt with burnt-edged iron shaped hole in the center. An ironing board and steaming iron are in front.] [Back in the present, Agatha has picked up a telephone next to her seat, and is cradling it against her ear. Evaline: "... are YOU paying attention?"]
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