Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

[Trina is in the cafeteria, setting down a tray of hamburger, fries, soda, and unidentifiable mush. Sandy and Jordan are talking in the background. Trina continues to try to imagine what Sandy had been about to tell her: .oO(Sandy: "Don't tell anyone, but..." - tiny Sandy and tiny Trina playing dolls in front of a doll house - "...even though we've been friends for a long time..." - older Sandy clasping her hands in adoring infatuation, as an oblivious Trina sits and knits a toe-up sock - "...to me, you're something more."- iconically angry Sandy cries and wails broken-hearted under storm clouds and lightning. - "That's why you can't leave!")]
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