Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

[Trina is standing in front of a mirror - her back is to the camera, but it catches her reflection clearly, and she is crossing her arms fiercely. "I want to drop out!" ... "...No, no, that's not it."] [Trina tilts her head, flicking her pencil: "Mom... you have to realize that in a post-industrial society, the Prussian institution of formal "education" no longer makes sense."] ["No, not quite...". Trina beams and bugs her eyes out, waving her hands in the universal gesture of 'wow'. "Hey mom! I bet you're tired of our dull, ORDINARY life!"] [Trina lounges in her favorite tree, frowning a little: "I don't know how to say this."]
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