Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

[Evaline narrates over images from her memories: "Ms. Zuckerbaumer was our home-ec teacher." Ms. Z, as from the previous strip, rolls out some dough while young Evaline watches.] ["I was a typical 80s teen." Young Evaline loitering against a wall in fishnet sleeves, jean jacket, bangle bracelets, giant belt buckle, and heavy eyeshadow, blowing a bubble gum bubble and gesturing.] ["But the real problem was that my parents were hippies." Evaline's dad (in vest with peace and smiley buttons, beads, tiny round glasses and headband) and mom (in flowing skirt, beads, and one of those yoga type shirts) hold hands and cuddle up back-to-back. Eva's mom is making the peace sign.] [Back in the present, Agatha is holding a door open for Evaline. Aggie: "Evaline? Are you even GOING somewhere with this?"]
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