Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

[Trina strides down a locker-lined school hallway, smiling slightly to herself.] [Trina steps outside onto the front steps. The back half of the panel inside the school is black on white line art, just like every other comic so far. The front half of the panel is in full digital color with soft shading.] [Trina stands outside, in full color. The sun blazes in the sky, birds soar overhead, flowers in every color of the rainbow litter the ground, butterflies flit past, and flower petals waft down on the breeze.]
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Congratulations to my true love Platypus (who walked out of high school many years ago) on graduating college today! You rock! Today is also the 100th proper strip of Daywood Academy. I can’t believe I’ve drawn 100 comic strips.