Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

[A red brick english building. Trina narrating: "In 1921, Summerhill opened its doors."] [A large building with columns and windows and smokestacks nestled into the New England countryside at the end of a rainbow. Trina narrating: "In 1968, Sudbury Valley introduced freedom to a new generation."] [A kindly looking man in a suit with short cropped hair extends a magazine towards the screen. A red headed kid holding a flower waves. Trina narrating: "In 1977, John Holt released the first issue of 'Growing Without Schooling' magazine.] [Trina standing proudly gripping a flag pole. The flag is purple with Teddy's green flower in the middle. Trina: "And now in 1996, Trina Daywood Academy is born!"]
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See also Summerhill, Sudbury Valley School, and Growing Without Schooling (RIP).