Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

[Sandy and Trina are walking through the school hallway carrying their books. From behind them someone yells "Hey Sandy, wanna do my homework?" to a chorus of laughter. Trina: "Get bent."] [They start walking home. Sandy: "So YOU don't think I'm weird?" Trina: "No more than usual."] [Trina opens her door, and is greeted by a bounding Ferrari. Trina: "We're different. So what? We'll talk about WHY we want different things later. For now, we'll do what we do best."] [Sandy leaps onto Trina's bed wearing a bedspread cape and a princess hat. Trina holds up a sheet of paper with a bunch of arrows and diagrams of the school and her parents. "... Come up with a Plan!"]
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