Take whatcha got and go
M/W/F homeschooling webcomic

[Evaline narrating: "Since it was a required class, I took it again the next year. I was lucky we got a different teacher." Betty is shown in front of a blackboard with a recycle sign, pictures of vegetables, "= 1 calorie (Calorie is a" and "* Protein, * Fat, *Carbohy" visible.] [Evaline narrating: "Betty taught us about housework and feminism, ecology and nutrition ..." Shown are Betty and teen Evaline in front of a chain link fence, behind which can be seen stacks of commercial chickens, 50 or more of them, in tiny cages.] [Evaline narrating: "It was 'home-ec' as activism. I loved it! That class was my political awakening." shown is teen evaline wearing a female-symbol necklace and holding out a petition to a generic student.] [Agatha is now sitting down on a couch on the corner from Evaline. Aggie: "So your moral is that some teachers suck and others rock?" Evaline: "You just don't trust me to have a subtle point ..."]
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